Who Was Fred?

Fred wasn’t just a good boy, he was the world’s BEST dog.

Fred was a fun fiercely independent best friend to many.

Fred was a husband to Sophie who he loved from the time they met when she was a puppy. They were inseparable.

Fred was a tire chaser. If you drove down Hurd Road past Bethel Woods by Filippini Pond in the late 80s and early 90s…then you remember him well.

Fred was a skunk admirer and therefore, loved tomato baths too.

Fred was a force of nature taking immediate control of any room he entered into.

Fred was a hero who once saved a surfer caught in a riptide in Ocean Beach, CA.

Fred was not fixed and became the King of an area in San Diego known as Dogtown, where he had many queens.  His lineage runs deep and Who knows how many Fred’s are out there.

Fred was a mode of transportation pulling you up and down any hill on a skateboard.

Fred was a Frisbee freak and would wait outside where a family member was and play with anyone who wanted.

Fred was a formidable foe and fierce protector of his love ones. He never started anything but always finished it.

Fred was a land owner claiming a marsh island on Filippini pond where a sign today proclaims it as Fred Island.  He would sleep there every night in the summer and swim back to his family house for morning refreshments.

Fred was a great roommate and even allowed Fred the Human to live in his basement.  That is a story for another day.

Fred was the definition of fun which is…amusing, entertaining, enjoyable and giving lighthearted pleasure. There was no one more fun than Fred.

Fred was a first and foremost a family man who had a cross country community of people caring for him over the years where he added a little fun to their lives.

We take great pleasure in honoring Fred’s mission of Fun by inviting you to join us at … Fred’s  – Food – Fun & Sports.